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Breath of the Wild’s Greatest Amiibo Easter Egg: No-Pants Link

8-bit Link amiibo

Longtime fans of The Legend of Zelda might remember that Link once had a fondness for running around without any pants on. Yes, in the instruction manual for A Link to the Past, Link was pictured several times in precarious positions — all sans pants. He’s also been spotted several other places with his legs exposed and nothing but a teeny little tunic covering his naughty bits.

To my surprise, I discovered that Breath of the Wild has payed homage to this pantsless tradition with an item called Trousers of the Hero. This item has a small chance of spawning in a chest whenever you scan the 8-bit Link amiibo figure while playing Breath of the Wild.

No Pants Link - Breath of the Wild

When paired with the Tunic of the Hero and the Cap of the Hero, the Breath of the Wild version of Link takes on the appearance of the hero from A Link to the Past. Just look at those legs.

In the instruction manuals of old, it’s very hard to deny that there was nothing under that tunic. In Breath of the Wild, however, the “Trousers” are actually a pair of what looks like boxer briefs.

No Pants Link - Breath of the Wild

No Pants Link - Breath of the Wild

No Pants Link - Breath of the Wild

This is such an odd thing to reference, and I have a feeling that fans who remember Link’s pantsless adventures are few and far between. I’m glad Nintendo actually committed to referencing it, though, as silly and random as it may be.

Thanks, Nintendo!

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