The Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Looks Seriously Awesome

So I just watched the Batman: Arkham Knight announcement trailer, and all I can say is, “WOOOO!!!”

This announcement trailer kind of came out of nowhere, but boy if it isn’t a doozy. It doesn’t offer any real glimpses of gameplay, but the cinematics are crisp, fluid, and gorgeous.

Harley Quinn’s roll into attack maneuver was the first thing that struck me as different from the first two Rocksteady Batman titles. There was something about her movement that felt far more elegant. I haven’t played Origins, so this may not be new, but it definitely caught my interest.

Add in confirmation of iconic Batman rogues like Two-Face, Penguin, and Scarecrow, and we’ve got us a ballgame. While we haven’t seen The Joker yet, Harley’s presence means that Mistah J can’t be far behind.

The open letter to Bruce from his father Thomas Wayne is a nice narrative touch, especially when his pleas for his son to be a good man are juxtaposed with the action onscreen. Little did he know, right?

And the graphics are absolutely stunning. It’s exactly what a next/current gen (can we come to a consensus already?) Batman game should look like.

Batman: Arkham Knight

As far as announcement trailers go, this one is a high-water mark. It’s right up there with the first trailer for the Deadpool game. As far as the actual game goes? Well, let’s hope that the Rocksteady pedigree holds up and that all this time time spent toiling in the dark night (get it) pays off.

I’ll add this (although I probably don’t have to): When Batman leapt forth from the fiery debris of the Batmobile, his rigid cape unfurled to its full glory in kickass slow-mo, don’t tell me that you didn’t — as I most certainly did — let out an audible “WOOOO!” Like Ric Flair on a Saturday Night Main Event, baby.

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