Ubisoft, Who Watches the Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs

I have to admit that I am both incredibly skeptical and also sheepishly anxious for Watch Dogs.

This game blew me away when first announced all those many moons ago. The initial gameplay trailer was a breath of fresh air, injected into the lungs of the open world action/adventure crime genre (a genre that’s usually left gasping from the stranglehold of the titanic Grand Theft Auto series).

After the intense, brutal shootout, when Aiden Pearce jumped into that sports car and sped off, I was ovation-ing in the standing position (that’s what she said?)

Then the game was pushed back and went dark.

But now that it has resurfaced with a new trailer — which shows off a ton of footage that we were already bombarded with for all of the second half of last year — a part of me is still excited. Of course, that part is at odds with the remaining percentage of Julian that couldn’t care less.

This is, after all, the same studio that keeps beating the bloodied horse corpse of the Assassin’s Creed series. And you just know they’re already gearing up to crank out a sequel to Watch Dogs, making it perhaps another soon-to-be-old-and-gray mare.

Honestly, I hope not, but I also secretly kinda sorta hope they do. I’m conflicted. It’s weird.

So here’s the big question: Is this a day-one purchase? For me, I’d say no. It’s a rental at best. However, for some reason, Ubisoft elicits from me a desire to waste my money time and again, so who knows?

For now, I’ll just keep watching the watchers… er, Watch Dogs.

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