The Donkey Kong Amiibo Has the Best Pose Ever — and That’s Dangerous

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I’m really not interested in Nintendo’s amiibo figures. I’ve poured hundreds of dollars into Skylanders, and I don’t need another toys-to-life franchise in my life. What  they’ve shown is nice enough, but nothing special, and none of the figures are all that tempting. Except for Donkey Kong. Stupid, spectacular Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Amiibo Seriously, look at this guy! That is a guy who knows how to live life. I bet he ties on his tie each morning and thinks “Damn, it feels good to be Donkey Kong.” When he saunters out his door, “Fel Del Av Gården” plays, because he’s just that cool. And all that makes me realize that these amiibo things could be dangerous. Yes, I could just buy Donkey Kong and be done with it, but when it comes to toys, I don’t have that kind of willpower. If I buy one, I’ll buy a dozen, and I’ll keep wanting to buy more. The current crop of figures may not have me excited, but what if they release Ness? Or worse, Lucas? What if get a chance to customize Marth and Roy? What if future games utilize the figures in more interesting ways? Hopefully, Donkey Kong is an anomaly, because my wallet really can’t handle another Skylanders.

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