Watch Dogs? More like Pretty Decent Dogs

Watch Dogs

So I managed to spend a pretty solid amount of time with Watch Dogs, and I gotta say, this dog can hunt.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it Grand Theft Auto caliber? Not by a long shot. But that’s okay. Much like Sleeping Dogs, this game is attempting to set itself apart and stand on its own merits.

With a curious take on the open world action genreWatch Dogs brings a few new tricks to the pony show. Once the controls begin to sink in and navigation becomes more intuitive, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Eavesdropping on calls and texts is pretty cool. Even though the “identities” of the denizens seem arbitrary at best, it’s still interesting to see what pops up. One guard I came across survived a car bomb!

The camera hacking is a nifty feature as well. Stealth missions almost feel like strategy board games as you hover above the battlefield, plot out your moves, lure enemies into traps, and trigger them safely from afar.

The minigames are hit or miss, but they’re a nice change of pace — think Saints Row, but without all of the dildos and feces. This may not be the game changer Ubisoft promised, but it isn’t a dud either.

I will say this much: I turned off the online stuff, because I found it irritating to keep getting hacked while out and about and otherwise enjoying myself. Still, this is definitely a fun little game, a welcome addition to the open-world genre.

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