I Just Started Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited and I’m Already Overwhelmed

Disgaea 4

So, as I begin Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, I’m remembering how gigantic these games tend to be. I’m preemptively thinking about grinding the Item World and pushing my characters’ levels up into the thousands. I’m kind of stressed about building the perfect early-game team. I’m worried about missing the early endings.

I was talking to Lightgun Galaxy’s Mandi, and she began reminding me about all the battle system exploits and nifty level tricks and crazy, demonic senate hearings. It’s becoming clear that just a couple years away from this series has erased so much of my knowledge of how to succeed in a Disgaea game, and I’m feeling a little bit emasculated.

And, oh great, now I’m spending hours and hours combing through Disgaea 4 forum posts to learn more about reincarnation.

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed right now. The road to Disgaea mastery is a long one indeed.

Thanks, Mandi.

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