Kôna Needs to Be Kickstarted, Because It Looks Fantastic


Kôna looks like the exact kind of game I’d fall in love with. It’s an adventure game in which you must solve mysteries, explore the wild North, and survive.

It it, you take on the role of a detective who’s been tasked with investigating a vandalism case. It seems somewhat pedestrian, until he shows up to discover that everyone in the area has gone missing.

The game looks like it features puzzle-solving, vehicle-driving, exploration, and survival elements, all slathered in a 1970s Canadian setting. To top it all off, it’s designed to look like an old film, complete with lens scratches and over-saturated image quality.

While the perspective is first-person and it features some light gunplay, the developers promise this isn’t a shooter or a horror game. In fact, in their Kickstarter video, Producer Alexandre Fiset specifically mentions that “You should not expect cheap jump scares or useless waves of enemies in Kôna.”

So far, it looks atmospheric and intriguing, the kind of game that would keep me up late on a winter night.

You should absolutely support Kôna‘s Kickstarter, because I’m pretty sure this game needs to exist.

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