I Want to Play Kôna in French Instead of English


I’ve said before that Kôna seems like the exact game I wish I could play right now. It’s got a ton of the elements I love, from puzzle-solving to exploration to survival. However, the thing I’m probably the most excited about right now is playing this game in French.

See, Kôna‘s Kickstarter page talks a little about how the game’s narration is going to be handled:

For the French version of the game, the story is told by François Devost – an experienced storyteller who employs a style authentic for the character and time. For non French speakers, we believe that the game will be well worth playing at least once in its original language – with English subtitles – to truly appreciate the unique, authentic atmosphere of this rich historical mystery.

Don’t worry non French speakers – the game will also come with a professionally translated and recorded English voice track.

And this is great, because in the trailer, the narrator’s French gives the game an otherworldly feel. Since I don’t speak French, the narration makes me feel like an outsider, like I’m exploring a place I might not belong.


I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but that is extremely appealing to me. (I’m also the sort of person who prefers subtitles to dubs when I watch foreign films.)

It sounds like Kôna will feature some sort of option that lets the player toggle between French and English, which is just one more piece of evidence that this game is being made specifically for me.

Here’s the trailer, so you can make up your own mind about the French voice track:

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