Smash Bros. Lets Gamers Fulfill Their Duck Hunt Dog Punching Fantasies

smash bros duck hunt

Anyone who has ever played Duck Hunt has wished they could fight the Duck Hunt dog. There’s just something about that bullying snicker that brings out a person’s violent side. Over the years, countless light guns have been aimed at him, but none of them have managed to do any damage.

But streams of the 3DS Smash Bros. demo have confirmed that this famously smug dog is no longer safe.

smash bros duck hunt dog

At long last, gamers will be able to give this dog the butt-kicking he deserves. Sure, he’ll be able to fight back — he actually looks like he’s got a decent moveset — but that will just make his defeat all the more sweet.

Between this charmingly obnoxious dog, a surprisingly jerky Shulk, and all those Cuccos, the newest Smash Bros. is set to make beating up your opponents more satisfying than ever before.

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