Don’t Starve Is the First Game I Bought for My PS4, Just as I Promised

Don't Starve

A while back, I made a promise. I told Lightgun Galaxy readers that the very first game I’d be getting for the PS4 would be Klei Entertainment’s indie hit Don’t Starve.

Perhaps you doubted me, dear reader. Surely there are other games I’d be rushing out to get my hands on, right? Games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or Killzone Shadow Fall, or maybe even Infamous Second Son. The blockbuster titles are beginning to stack up in the PS4’s game library, after all. Certainly there’s something more enticing than a console version of a brutal indie game that’s a year and a half old by this point, right?

But no. Just as I promised all those months ago, the very same night I purchased a PS4, I grabbed Don’t Starve and the Reign of Giants expansion off the PlayStation Store.

Sure, I got the Black Friday PS4 bundle, which came with Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered, so Don’t Starve isn’t technically my first PS4 game. But I can assure you it’s both the first game I purchased for my new console and the first game I played on it.

freaking adore survival games, and Don’t Starve — with its unforgiving permadeath gameplay and phenomenal art style — hits the sweet spot for the exact type of survival game I like to play. I may be abysmally awful at it, but this is a game that remains dear to my heart. In fact, despite the fact that I already own it for PC, the PS4 version has already stolen dozens of hours of my time.

And I’m not ashamed of that one bit.

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