Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Battles Make for a Relaxing Evening

Super Smash Bros Wii U - Mario vs Charizard

Nintendo’s amiibo figures are all sorts of wonderful, especially when paired with Super Smash Bros.

Recently, I was having kind of an awful day, so I decided that I needed to sit back and have some me time. I bought some pizza, cracked open a beer, and set up an eight-man battle in Super Smash Bros. Only, I wasn’t a player. I just sat back, sipped my beer, got fat, and watched my amiibo characters duke it out.

I never thought I would actually spend an evening watching A.I. characters play video games against each other, but there I was. It was kind of relaxing. And, mind you, this is probably the first time I’ve ever used the word “relaxing” to describe Super Smash Bros.

Very few games pair with beer and pizza quite this well. A person only has so many hands, after all. But with Super Smash Bros. amiibo battles, you can enjoy all the smashing without getting sauce on your controller, spilling your beer, or being forced to pause the game whenever you want a bite or a sip.

And that, my friends, is a perfectly okay way to wind down after a rough day.

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