Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Gantz: O

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Netflix can be a treasure trove of sometimes solid, sometimes humorously bad movies or TV shows. This is especially true for sci-fi content, so I’m making it my duty to shine a light on whatever unique content I stumble across in my Netflix wanderings.

So without further ado, I present Netflix Sunday Time Dumps, Round 1: Gantz: O

Gantz: O

Gantz: O is a Japanese CGI  film about seemingly ordinary people that get caught up in a real-life video game.

There is a large Magic 8-Ball that scans players into different parts of Japan and tasks them with fighting monsters straight out of the annals of Japanese video game culture. The players earn points with every monster slayed, but they die in real life if they are felled in battle.

The objective is to stay alive, because even if they don’t defeat any enemies, just making it to the end is enough to keep you playing for at least another round. Limb losses and other types of damage reset after each round.

Gantz: O

The setup is admittedly flimsy, the breast physics are eye-rolling, and the characters are extremely one-note. It’s a bit of a chore to make it past the first 20 minutes, which I realize is not a strong endorsement for a 95-minute movie.

But the visuals do a lot of the heavy lifting, presenting a sizable chunk of eye-candy. The background fluctuates between photo-realistic and a bizarre mix of miniatures and clay animation. This is a gorgeous movie, with spot-on character animations and monsters that are truly a sight to behold.

Gantz: O

Once the action picks up and all of the pussyfooting gives way to ass-kicking, Gantz: O really shines. The boss battle is, for lack of a better description, fucking amazing. And when a player that has won seven times in a row shows up, shit just hits the fan.

For me, Gantz: O scratched an itch I didn’t know that I was suffering from on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

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