No Man’s Sky: Pathfinder Update Is Available Now

No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update

I recently wrote about how much I’ve been enjoying No Man’s Sky since the Foundation update, which added some much needed tweaks plus base building. Hidden in that patch, there was what seemed to be clues of more to come.

And sure enough, a new update called Pathfinder went live on Tuesday, March 8th. It offers a bevy of overhauls and improvements, including PS4 Pro support, a permadeath mode, some pretty deep photography features, and new Trophies. In addition, the update also adds some brand new ground vehicles, which should make planetary adventuring much less of a slog.

No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update

It’s nice to see Hello Games continuing to improve this little game that could. Especially if the figures are true and 90% of users — on PC at least — have already fled the coup.

But at the same time, they need to better communicate their intentions to continue supporting this game. If you’re anything like me, you probably went back in after the Foundation update but then put the game back away once you’d tasted all the new flavors on offer. Now, we have to dredge the damn thing back out  because Hello drops a surprise patch?

Hello Games, you are testing the patience of what little devoted audience remains.

But still, anything new and free is always a welcome addition to a game I already enjoy, and I’m sure I’ll have some in-depth impressions after I’ve kicked the tires of that new buggy a bit.

You can see the full Pathfinder trailer below for details and visuals aids.

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