The Everything Gameplay Trailer Blends Gaming with Philosophy

everything ps4

One of the first things that everybody should understand is that every creature in the universe that is in any way sensitive and in any manner of speaking conscious regards itself as a human being. It knows and is aware of a hierarchy of beings above it and a hierarchy of beings below it. That is to say that wherever you are and whoever you are and whatever you are, you’re in the middle. That’s the game.

The words above are taken from a lecture by late British philosopher Alan Watts, but they’re also a perfect description of PS4 title Everything. The game, which is the brainchild auteur animator David O’Reilly, allows you to play as every living being that exists in its universe. Nothing, from turtles to ladybugs to grass to molecules, is off limits.

Fittingly, Watts words narrate Everything‘s entire 10-plus minute gameplay trailer. As bears roll and the universe expands, Watts speaks about the cosmos, conflict, and the idea that we — we meaning everyone in the universe — are everything.

Everything is an odd concept for a game, but David O’Reilly certainly has the chops to bring it to life. Reilly is the man behind the futuristic video games seen in the movie Her, as well as the developer of 2014 mountain simulator Mountain. The glitch-like movement and exploration-based gameplay will turn off some gamers, but the trailer is entrancing, and it certainly is worth 10 minutes of your time.

While Watts’ words won’t be appearing in the game itself, you can find archives of many of his lectures on his official website. If you’re in the mood for existentialism, Watts — and Everything — may be exactly what you are looking for.

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