Nier Automata Lunar Tear Trophy: How to Get the Desert Lunar Tear

nier automata 2b desert

As you play through Nier: Automata, you’ll be asked to find five lunar tears. While four of the tears are easy to locate, the desert lunar tear can be a bit harder to find. If you’d like to find this tear — and earn the lunar tear Trophy — follow the guide below.

Once you arrive at the Desert Camp, you’ll want to head north towards a cave. You’ll know you’re getting close to the right location when you start to see hotdog-shaped machines.

NieR:Automata hotdog robot

From there, head west towards the cave’s entrance.

Nier: Automata desert cave

After you enter the cave, you’ll see a large hole. Go ahead and jump down.

nier automata cave

Once you’re inside the cave, head to the left, then take the bottom path.

nier automata desert lunar tear

Follow that path until you reach the exit.

nier automata lunar tear desert

When you’re outside, grab the nearby chest, then hop up some rocks to continue on your path.

nier automata desert mountains

After the path ends, jump down. Head forward until the path ends again.

nier automata desert path

When you hit a dead end, you’re going to have to make a jump. Leap across to the rock seen below.

nier automata map

Once you land, you’ll have to make one last big jump. You may want to get a running start before you make your leap.

nier automata dessert lunar tear

When you land, the lunar tear should be within your sights! Hop down so that you can interact with this tear and finish this part of the quest.

NieR:Automata lunar tear dessert

This is one of Nier: Automata‘s most satisfying side quests, and it’s definitely worth seeing it through to the end. If you can navigate the maze-like desert, you’ll be able to access a new location, watch a touching scene, and earn some in-game rewards. Don’t let the desert keep you from finishing this beautiful quest.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for this ive been struggling with this last one for so long

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