When Does Rebirth Become a Zero Hour for the Crisis of Infinite Earths?

 the Aviation-Man


I’m the Aviation-Man.

I got my powers when I was bitten by a radioactive airplane.

I’m a motivational speaker by day, and a superhero by night. I have the proportionate strength of an airplane, so I can jump really high. Some people think this means I can fly, but that’s not really true.

I like justice, pecan pie, and chocolate milkshakes.

My sidekick is called Social Justice Warrior, because he believes in social justice. We met when I was giving a speech at his school, and he questioned some of my ideas.

My spandex costume is mostly light gray, with a few patches of yellow, such as the domino mask which covers my eyes.

I’m not really a violent person, but I’ll use violence on those who use it first. My greatest foe is The Stupor — an evil little fellow who has the ability to confuse sections of the human brain, mostly those that have anything to do with memories and perception.

I’m not what you’d call an A-list hero, because I’m only new to the scene.

I’m getting a message from the messaginator… WAIT, WHAT?

But I only just finished explaining who I am!

Okay, fine. You win this round, Comic Universe.

(universal blink)

The Aviatorman


They call me the Aviatorman.

I received my powers from a dying ancient alien who was trapped in the third dimension for stealing magic and giving it to mankind.

By day, I’m a divorce lawyer. By night, I protect this country. My powers mean that I have a powerful jump, and my alien suit allows me to glide on the currents.

I like steak and bourbon.

My sidekick was once called Social Justice Warrior, but now he’s called ConTROLLer, and insists that the capitals matter. I met him when he was trying to mug me.

My kevlar costume is mostly white, with splashes of yellow and blue (such as can be seen on my balaclava-style mask).

I’m not a violent person, but I will use violence if it gets the job done. My greatest foe is The Stupor — a jolly English fellow who has the ability to control minds.

Although fairly new, I’m beginning to make a name for myself here in Citytopia.

Wait, the messaginator is active again. That means…


(universal blink)

The Aviator

Some call me the Aviator. Others call me beloved or nightmare.

I don’t actually have powers, but I used my vast family fortune to pay for training across the world and create a suit of armor that helps me fight crime.

I exist to serve this planet.

I can fly.

I hate everything.

My power armor is black, except for the red eyelights in my headgear.

I used to have a sidekick, but it didn’t work out. I had to kill him when he tried to kill me, when The Stupor possessed him and destroyed his mind.

The Stupor is a twisted businessman who killed my family, and I will kill him and anyone that stands in my way.

And I refuse to look at the messaginator anymore, because I am here to stay, and I will kill The Stupor.

(universal blink)


Apparently, I’m now an experimental cyborg called A-V8r.

I’d bother you with the details, but they’ll be irrelevant soon enough.

(universal blink)

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