The Internet Is Obsessed with Sexy Gerudo Link from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Link

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been spawning obsessions like crazy. For example, when the game was brand new, people were hardcore crushing on Prince Sidon or Mipha, despite their fish-like appearances.

But a new trend seems to have taken over the Internet’s fantasies: sexy Gerudo Link.

See, in Breath of the Wild, there’s a village called Gerudo Town, which has some strange policies. Most notably, the policy that males (or “voe” in the Gerudo tongue) are forbidden from entering. So what must Link do in order to get in (which he’ll need to do in order to complete one of the main story missions)? He must dress like a woman (or “vai”), of course.

Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Link

And so, in perhaps the most talked about crossdressing scene in a video game since Cloud’s famous Honeybee Inn scene in Final Fantasy VII, Link dawns some vai apparel and blends right in.

And the internet just can’t get enough of Gerudo Link — sexy fan art has been showing up all over the place.

Here’s one from Tumblr user skyfangz:

Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Link

And here’s a particularly hilarious one from Tumblr user BL Stash:

Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Link

Of course, this stuff isn’t just showing up on Tumblr (though there’s an ever-growing collection of Gerudo Link fan art there). Pixiv has a pretty robust image library, and imgur’s hosting a collection as well (be warned, imgur gets into some very NSFW territory).

And it should come as no surprise that GameFAQs and NeoGAF are getting in on this action.

The Gerudo

In fact, if this poll is anything to go by, it seems Gerudo Link’s popularity may have actually surpassed Honeybee Cloud’s (though perhaps it’s unfair to weigh the popularity of something that’s just a few weeks old against something from the 1990s.)

For some people, Breath of the Wild will be remembered for reinventing the Zelda formula. But for a particular segment of internet fans, this will be remembered as the game that awakened their feelings for Gerudo Link.

Oh, and just wait; I bet the cosplay is going to be incredible.

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