Nier: Automata DLC Plans – What Can We Expect?

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Coverage surrounding Nier: Automata‘s DLC plans has been a bit strange. Although many sites have said that the game won’t offer any content DLC, neither Square Enix or the game’s director, Yoko Taro, have backed up those claims. What Yoko Taro has said on the subject is this:

When we see DLC these days, a lot of people envision something that’s quite robust, like story DLCs from Witcher 3. Unfortunately, Nier doesn’t have the budget to do so, so I just hope that everyone doesn’t anticipate too much from the DLC content if we do end up doing some.

That statement might sound a bit dire to those that are unfamiliar with Yoko Taro, but if you look at his past interviews, you’ll see that he has a habit of downplaying his own works. Before Nier: Automata was released, Taro went so far as to tell fans that they shouldn’t “expect too much from this game.” While we may not get expansion packs as massive as Hearts of Stones and Blood and Wine, it’s safe to say that we’ll see Nier: Automata DLC soon enough. After all, both the original Nier and Drakengard 3, which both sold substantially less than Nier: Automata, received content DLC.

In fact, you can even see signs of DLC plans within the current game. If you explore Nier: Automata‘s map, you’ll find three Apologetic Machines prostrating themselves in front of locked doors. Currently, there’s no way to open these doors, but it seems likely enough that we’ll see DLC that unlocks them later on.

nier: automata apologetic machine

Until an official announcement hits, we can only theorize about the game’s DLC plans. That said, there’s plenty of ground to be covered. Here are a few subjects that could make for compelling bonus content.

If you haven’t reached Ending E of Nier: Automata, beware: Major spoilers lie below.

Machine Theater

nier automata romeo and juliet

If players accept the Stamp Collecting side quest, they’ll have the chance to see a strange and delightful take on Romeo and Juliet. While the production doesn’t end well for any of the cast members, it’d still be wonderful to see  machines interpret other famous plays.

What would machines think of Hamlet or King Lear? What would an all-machine production of Macbeth look like? While in-depth story content would be ideal, machine theater productions would definitely be worth paying for.

Pearl Harbor Descent 

nier automata A2

A2 wasn’t always the angry, king-slaying android that we meet in the Forest Kingdom. Long before Nier: Automata begins, she and 11 other androids were sent on a suicide mission to Oahu Island. Players can read about this mission in the Pearl Harbor Descent archive. The subject is also covered in the YoRHa stage play.

As is stands, players don’t have a chance to see what A2 was like before command betrayed her. A prequel mission could do a lot to flesh out her character.

The Continuing Adventures of Pascal and A2

Nier: automata pascal

Nier: Automata Ending E is surprisingly uplifting, especially when you consider all the suffering you have to go through to get there. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t continue the story past that point; it’s more interesting to leave things open-ended.

However, if  Yoko Taro does choose to continue the stories of these characters, I hope he focuses on Pascal and A2. Pascal might be the most tragic figure in the entire Nier universe, and regardless of the choices the player makes, his ending isn’t a happy one.

nier: automata 9s pascal

Even though Pascal’s story is heartbreaking, there’s still a glimmer of hope for the philosophy-loving machine. He’ll never be able to bring back the villagers he lost, but a memory-wiped Pascal could reconnect with A2. A2 could finally deliver his philosophy book, rekindling his love of knowledge, and the pair could form a fresh new friendship.

9S and 2B: The Early Days

9S and 2B

During Route C, we learn that 9S and 2B met before the start of the game. 2B has fought alongside 9S many times, and each mission ended with her executing her beloved partner. One of these adventures is described in the prequel novella The Memory Cage.

While this revelation is devastating on its own, it’d have even more impact if we had the opportunity to see these missions for ourselves. 2B has been tasked with a terrible job, and stepping into her shoes could be an emotional experience.

Accord DLC

drakengard 3 accord

Accord, an android from Drakengard 3, might be the most fascinating character Yoko Taro has ever created. Although she doesn’t appear in Nier: Automata, she is mentioned by the weapon trader at the Resistance Camp.

Accord’s habit of breaking the fourth wall would make her an ideal fit for DLC. In addition, Accord DLC could help to flesh out the greater Drakenier universe. Accord’s backstory is a mystery, and it’d be great to learn more about this timeline-hopping character.

It’s likely that most of Nier: Automata‘s DLC will be simplistic. We’ll probably get cosmetic DLC and a Colosseum before we see any sort of story content. With that said, I’m hopeful that we’ll receive some DLC that’s genuinely interesting. I love the time I’ve spent in Nier: Automata, and I’d be happy to spend more time in its world.

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