How to Get Final Fantasy XV’s Engine Blade in Nier: Automata

nier engine blade

While Nier: Automata is rich in lore, it’s also packed with fan service. Devoted players can obtain a number of Easter egg weapons, including the Cypress Stick from Dragon Quest and the Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV.

If you want Noctis’ Engine Blade, you’ll need to head to the Abandoned Factory. Although this is one of the first places you visit in the game, the part of it that contains the blade will be locked off until 2B and Pascal visit the factory together. From that point on, the blade can be obtained in any of the game’s routes.

To get to the blade, transport your android to the Factory Hangar access point. Once you’re there, exit the door on the opposite side and move east through the factory.

NieR: automata spider machine

If you’re in Route A, you’ll know you’re close when you reach a room with two Multi-leg Medium Models (the spider-like Machines). At the exit, you’ll find a machine with concerns about his fate.

nier automata pascal 2b

When you exit the room, look for a small platform. When you step onto the platform, you’ll be able to jump on top of the hydraulic presses below you.

NieR: automata noctis engine blade

Leap from one press to another until you reach the room on the other side.

NieR automata final fantasy XV engine blade

In the room, you’ll find a chest that contains the Engine Blade. If you’re playing as 9S, you can use your hacking abilities to open a chest that contains a memo about the Abandoned Factory. Give this memo to Pascal to progress the Data on the Old World quest. Keep an eye out for enemies while you’re in the room; you may be attacked while you are there.

If you upgrade the Engine Blade, you’ll be treated to a story about Prince Noctis and his father, King Regis. Nier: Automata has excellent weapon stories, and the Engine Blade’s tale is no exception.

NieR: automata engine blade story

Although Nier: Automata has 40 weapons in total, you won’t want to miss the Engine Blade. This blade isn’t just a treat for Final Fantasy fans; it’s genuinely useful, especially when it comes to stunning enemies. The weapon can be difficult to find, but it’s definitely worth searching for.

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