The Mysterious New Nippon Ichi Game Teasers Are Incredibly Creepy

nippon ichi new game

Nippon Ichi Software is best known for their lively and colorful JRPGs. The Disgaea series put them on the map, and titles like Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad won them even more fans. Their newest game, however, looks light on the lively and heavy on the creepy.

Nippon Ichi hasn’t officially announced this new title or said anything about how it plays. Instead, they’ve released two mysterious videos, both titled “Nippon Ichi New Title.

The first video, which was published on April 6, shows footage of a bedroom for five seconds. At the top of the screen is a date: 2015/11/27.

The second video, which was uploaded April 7, returns to the same bedroom from the first video. While the date at the top of the screen has changed, the room itself is identical. Everything is the same, from the clothing hanging on the rack to the tiny shoes on the shelves. The only real difference is the time on the clock.

This time, however, the footage of the room is interspersed with a shot of a doll’s tear-stained face. Presumably, the doll on the screen is the same doll that’s sitting on the shelves of the room.

The third video, uploaded on April 9, finally shows some movement in the room. For a brief second, someone’s head emerges from the bottom of the screen. However, that’s not the only thing moving in the video. As the video ends, the doll turns to the side.

The fourth video, uploaded on April 10, gives viewers a good look at the doll’s face. If Nippon Ichi is releasing a horror game, it’s safe to say it will be heavy on jump scares.

The fifth video, which was uploaded on April 11, may be the last video in the series. The date on the screen now reads 2017/07/27, which could be the release date for the game. The clock has stopped running, and the doll has vanished from the shelves. Occasionally, the screen flickers. When it does, we can see the kanji for “kill” written on the curtains in blood.

yominari vita

It’s possible that Nippon Ichi is teasing a sequel to Yomawari: Night Alone, the survival horror game they released on the Vita in 2015. However, there’s no denying that these teasers feel distinctly different from anything NIS has developed in the past.

It looks like Nippon Ichi is planning on releasing several teaser videos before making an official announcement. We’ll be keeping a close eye on these teasers as we wait for their big reveal.

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