Forced to Execute Arsene in Persona 5? Here’s How to Get Your Persona Back.

persona 5 arsene

Fusion has been a part of the Persona series since the very beginning. The addictive mechanic allows you to continually power up the demons fighting at your side.

Persona 5 puts a macabre and exciting new twist on this classic formula: instead of simply fusing Persona, players can perform executions. Whether you kill off a Persona with a guillotine, a noose, or an electric chair, you’ll be left with a creature that was more powerful than the one you had before. Unfortunately, when players are taught how to use this mechanic, they may be forced to execute Arsene, their starting Persona.

Persona aren’t like Pokémon; your first Persona isn’t going to be your most powerful team member. But even so, you can easily get Arsene back if you desire.

persona 5 arsene execution

When you enter the Velvet Room, look carefully at the options on your screen. You’ll see that you have the option to register and summon Personas. If you register all of the Persona you obtain, you’ll be able to call them back after executing them.

If you didn’t have the chance to register Arsene, you don’t have to worry. If you scroll through your compendium, you’ll see a level 1 Arsene. Summon him, level him up, and register him again once he’s gained a few levels.  You’ll need to spend money to summon him — but, because of his low level, it won’t cost you very much.

persona 5 igor

Don’t feel like grinding levels for Arsene? No problem. Later on, you’ll gain the ability to sacrifice Persona to make other Persona more powerful. You can recruit a high level Persona, sentence it to death, and get the powerful Arsene that you’ve been waiting for.

Arsene is one of the only Persona that has access to Curse moves at the start of the game, so it’s worth keeping him around. If you were railroaded into sacrificing Arsene, you should definitely take the time to get him back.

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