Persona 5 Needs a Yusuke Romance Option

Nearly everyone who’s played Persona 4 has an opinion on the game’s best romance option (protip: it’s Yukiko).

When it comes to Persona 5, however, it looks like the jury’s still out. I’ve seen people advocating for every available love interest, and I’m having a hard time choosing one for myself. As a redhead with glasses, I feel obligated to support Futaba. When I saw Makoto’s Persona for the first time, I couldn’t help but swoon. Hifumi’s passion for strategy has captured my attention, and I’m digging Tae Takemi’s punk rock aesthetic. However, there’s one character that stands above them all: Yusuke Kitagawa.

persona 5 yusuke victory pose

I wasn’t a huge fan of Yusuke at first; I found his introduction to be a bit off-putting. Once I got to know him, however, I realized that his strange personality was just part of his charm. As I’ve progressed through his Confidant scenes, I’ve found myself falling for the Phantom Thief Fox. I like the way he misreads basic social interactions. I adore his silly one-liners. I dig the way he looks in a yukata.

Unfortunately, Atlus is standing between me and my one true love. Tragically, Persona 5 doesn’t allow players to romance Yusuke.

I know that I shouldn’t be complaining. After all, the game offers players a whopping nine romance options; there’s no shortage of appealing ladies to choose from. Still, the game seems to treat Yusuke as though he’s an actual love interest. When you’re asked about your crush, you can hint that you’re into Yusuke. Other characters talk about how attractive he is. The two of you can even engage in classic date activities.

persona 5 yusuke boat

I know I’m not alone in my passion for Yusuke. A quick search shows that plenty of people are thinking about Yusuke romantically. Even Persona 5 fan fiction is filled with Yusuke love stories.

yusuke google search

I’ve fought with Yusuke. I’ve laughed with Yusuke. I’ve inspired Yusuke. Now, I want to date Yusuke. Sadly, the romance I’m looking for is out of my reach. Unless the inevitable Persona 5 Crimson offers new and improved dating options, I’m going to have to admire Yusuke from afar.

I’m sure I’ll settle on an in-game girlfriend eventually, but she’ll always hold second place in my heart. I’ve found Persona 5‘s best romance option, and that option is Yusuke Kitagawa.

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1 year ago

ok mandi

1 year ago

Okay but like, I’m a guy and I very much want to date Yusuke

yusuker lover69
yusuker lover69
9 months ago

yusuke is litearally a waifu why atlus what th fuck you let us date a 30 year old highschool teacher please jus let us

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