Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Leaks, Shows Clone Wars and Force Awakens Content

star wars battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has been keeping a fairly low profile, gearing up for a big April 15 trailer reveal.

Apparently, that trailer (or perhaps a shortened version of it) has leaked, so we now have about 30 seconds of Battlefront II footage to look at. But even at this short run time,there are some major reveals packed into this trailer.

First, this is a game that will take place across all three Star Wars film eras: the prequels, the original trilogy, and Disney’s in-progress trilogy. EA’s first Battlefront game focused exclusively on the original trilogy era, and many fans were disappointed by the absence of Clone Wars content, so this is pretty huge.

The narration in this trailer suggests we’ll be seeing a story campaign, perhaps following this pilot (or a group of pilots) through Star Wars history. This was another thing missing from the previous Battlefront game.

star wars battlefront ii

Finally, we see characters like Kylo Ren and Rey, and we even briefly catch a glimpse of a green Yoda hand. We can assume these characters will all be playable heroes in Battlefront II.

We’ve admittedly just scratched the surface with this reveal, but there’s a lot of evidence within that suggests EA has been listening very closely to fan complaints and intends to thoroughly address them.

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