Star Wars Battlefront Pre-Order Bonus: Heros From The Last Jedi

star wars battlefront ii

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s trailer leaked a bit earlier than EA had planned, so before their big April 15 reveal, we know quite a bit more than we should.

This is always exciting for super-fans, and one of the things that may have been overlooked in all that excitement was Battlefront II‘s preorder bonus reveal: heros from the upcoming film The Last Jedi.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Preorder Bonus

If you played EA’s most recent Star Wars Battlefront game, heroes are a pretty familiar concept. They’re temporary powerhouse characters that players can luck into becoming, as opposed to the blaster-fodder soldiers you’ll spend most of the game playing as.

We don’t know who these characters might be, and it’s tough to even speculate if they’ll be fully implemented hero characters or just The Last Jedi skins for characters like Rey and Kylo Ren, who have already been shown in the leaked trailer.

Either way, I’m going to preorder this. I don’t have the same reflexive hatred for pre-orders that many of my colleagues do, and I absolutely know I’ll be buying this game no matter what. I loved the first one enough, despite its poor reception, that I know better than to trust the review scores this time around.

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