We’ve Got Movie Sign! MST3K Season 11 Is Now on Netflix

felicia day mst3k

After an excruciatingly long wait, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back! 14 brand-new episodes are available to watch on Netflix. Here’s a quick look at the movies that Jonah and the bots will be sitting through in season 11.

Cry Wilderness
The Time Travelers
The Beast of Hollow Mountain
The Land That Time Forgot
The Loves of Hercules
The Wizards of Lost Kingdom
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
Carnival Magic
The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t
At The Earth’s Core

It’s a very interesting mix of movies. I’ve actually seen two of the films already: Avalanche and The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t. They’re both stinkers, and I’m excited to see them get torn to shreds.

That said, my most anticipated episodes are the back-to-back showings of Wizards of the Lost Kingdom movies. Subjecting test subjects to a sequel feels like a classic Forrester move; the Satellite of Love’s inhabitants are at their best when they’re absolutely miserable.

If you’ve ever enjoyed MST3K, make sure you check these new episodes out. The show is as great as ever, and streaming the show is the best way to ensure a season 12. MST3K is finally back! Let’s make sure it stays around for a good long while.

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