How to Meet Hifumi in Persona 5

how to meet hifumi

Persona 5 allows you to spend time with any of the characters in your party. However, there are also a number of non-playable characters you can bond with. While ever character is worth befriending, you should make a point of meeting a girl named Hifumi Togo. Because Hifumi doesn’t play a major role in the game’s story, you could easily miss her if you’re not careful.

Hanging out with Hifumi boosts your knowledge, and if you become close to her, you’ll be able to enjoy other perks as well. As a professional shogi player, Hifumi is a master of strategy, and she’s more than happy to pass along those strategies to you. She can teach how how to swap out party members during battle, how to escape when you’re surrounded, and so much more.

hifumi persona 5

If you want to find out how to meet Hifumi in Persona 5, you’ll need to spend some time with Yusuke. The two of them are classmates, and he’ll let you know where you can meet her. You can find Yusuke in the Underground Walkway in Shibuya. Once the two of you have gotten to know each other, you’ll get a text about a mysterious girl. You’ll also get a new location: a church in Kanda.

persona 5 kanda
If you head to Kanda, you’ll find Hifumi sitting at a pew. While you can approach her immediately, you won’t be able to form a bond with her unless your charm is at Rank 3. Hifumi is an idol in the shogi world, and you’ll need to boost your charm if you want to impress her.

Unlike Yusuke, Hifumi is one of Persona 5’s nine romance options. While her skills and stat boosts are very useful, she could also wind up being the girl of your dreams. Take the time to meet Hifumi and see what she’s all about.

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Amanda Schollaert
Amanda Schollaert
1 year ago

How exactly do you get to the church tho? Like what train do you use?

11 months ago

During the playthrough you’ll have to go there with ryuji. So it just unlocks automatically.

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