Nier: Automata’s Apologetic Machines Are Probably Guarding Upcoming DLC

Nier: Automata is a game full of mysteries. While many questions can be answered by playing the game, there’s one riddle that hasn’t been solved: What lies behind the locked doors guarded by Apologetic Machines?

nier: automata apologetic machine

We speculated that the doors would lead to DLC content, and it looks like that assumption was right on the money. The game’s producer, Yosuke Saito, hinted at this in a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu.

When Saito was asked about the Apologetic Machines, he responded by chanting “D-L-C!! D-L-C!! D-L-C!!”

If you’re hoping for more detailed information about Nier: Automata‘s DLC plans, you’re not going to find it just yet.  Thankfully, players shouldn’t have to wait too long for real information. It’s likely that there will be an official announcement during the Nier: Automata livestream on April 17.

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