How Do You Get Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask Amiibo Figures?

New Zelda Amiibo Figures 2017

Update: As a commenter pointed out below, Nintendo has since removed the “Find a retailer” button from the Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword amiibo figures, and the Twilight Princess figure only links to GameStop now.

Update 2: All three of the amiibo figures pictured above are retailer exclusives.

The original story continues below.

Nintendo recently revealed some new amiibo figures that — if our speculation proves correct — will unlock cool armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (such as the much-sought-after Fierce Deity set). The figures, shown above, include versions of Link from Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.

It’s no secret that I’ve been collecting amiibo figures for as long as they’ve been a thing. So clearly, I need to have these figures in my life. Plus, finally getting to acquire the last two armor sets in Breath of the Wild is an incredible perk.

However, I’m not sure how to get them. I checked in with my local GameStop, and the person working the counter told me he thought the Twilight Princess figure was a GameStop exclusive, the other two being exclusive to other retailers. He may very well be correct, but I tend to not take the words of low-level GameStop employees at face value (I mean no offense to low-level GameStop employees).

The Majora’s Mask Link amiibo listing on Nintendo’s website seems to confirm my suspicions.

Majora's Mask amiibo on Nintendo's Website

According to this page, the figure should be available at six major retailers. However, none of the links on this page actually bring up any legitimate results. Well, Amazon’s actually does, but here this figure is selling for almost $50. No thanks, Amazon.

I also dug into the Skyward Sword figure and came up empty once again.

Skyward Sword amiibo on Nintendo's Website

The figure is supposedly being sold at six major retailers, yet none of the links actually go to product listings. The exception again is Amazon, yet this time I ended at a “Currently Unavailable” page instead of a $50 listing.

I wouldn’t be completely heartbroken if I missed out on the Twilight Princess amiibo, since I already have the Super Smash Bros. Link, which is modeled after his Twilight Princess incarnation. And my assumption is that the two figures probably let you acquire the same loot — specifically, the Twilight armor set in Breath of the Wild.

Even so, I decided to look for that one too. This search was a bit more fruitful, as GameStop does have it listed on their website. It is, however, currently unavailable.

Twilight Princess amiibo on Nintendo's Website

Amazon doesn’t have this one listed at all.

This could easily be a failure on the part of these retailers. Perhaps they don’t care all that much about selling these figures, as they’re pretty much guaranteed to sell through their stock no matter how they go about it.

More importantly, this is a failure on Nintendo’s part for not communicating their plans for retail exclusivity. If these figures are going to be as painfully difficult to get as Super Smash Bros. figures were back in late 2014/early 2015, then they could at least let their customers know what’s going on. The lack of communication stings a bit. Especially for those of us who have already been burned.

Like so many Zelda fans out there, I hope the chance to acquire the Fierce Deity armor hasn’t already faded.

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