How to Change Party Members in Persona 5

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Persona 5 is deeper and more complex than your average RPG. While these intricate mechanics make for satisfying play sessions, they’re also causing many players to miss out on important aspects of the game. For example, a lot of people are heading back to a dungeon’s entrance every time they want to change party members.

If you want to switch party members in Persona 5, you don’t need to be at the entrance of a dungeon. In fact, you don’t even need to be in a safe room. You can swap out your party members at any time.

persona 5 menu

If you want to change your party members in a dungeon, all you have to do is open your menu. Head to the section titled “Stats.” This section allows you to see your character’s stats, but it also allows you to change your party lineup. Hit square to remove a character from your party, and hit square again to add a new character to your group.

You should try to alter your party to counter the Shadows that you’re fighting. For example, if you’re encountering enemies that are using wind attacks, you should remove Ryuji from your party. His Persona, Captain Kidd, is weak to wind. Swap him out for Morgana, and you’ll be able to defeat your enemies with ease.

persona 5 party members

You can even switch your party members while in battle, but you’ll have to befriend a girl named Hifumi Togo first. Hifumi will teach you how to swap out your party members while fighting enemies. If you haven’t met Hifumi yet, our guide will tell you what you need to do.

Changing your party’s lineup is an essential Persona strategy. If you’re struggling in battle, try swapping out one party member for another. A quick switch could make a big difference.

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