Nier: Automata’s First DLC Has Costumes, a Colosseum, and Crazy Boss Fights

Nier: Automata‘s first DLC pack has been officially announced. While this DLC won’t expand on the story of the game, it will offer players plenty of new challenges. After purchasing the DLC, the desert elevator will no longer be guarded by an Apologetic Machine. Instead, it will lead to a Colosseum.

While battling in the Colosseum, players will be able to unlock things like accessories, jukebox tracks, hair dye, and costumes inspired by the original Nier. 2B can dress up like the foul-mouthed Kaine. 9S can dress as the younger version of Nier that appeared in Replicant, and A2 can dress as the older version of Nier.

a2 nier costume

Every Colosseum needs a boss fight, and Nier: Automata certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Players will have the chance to battle the president of Platinum Games, Kenichi Sato, and Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO of Square Enix. Curiously, this isn’t the first time that Matsuda has moonlighted as a video game boss. He also appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy XV‘s free holiday DLC.

nier automata immersion schemersion

The DLC will launch in Japan on May 2. It’s priced at around 1500 yen, which is about $15. The western version of the DLC doesn’t have a price and release date just yet.

If you were hoping for Jackass or Anemone DLC, don’t despair. Square Enix confirmed that additional DLC is on the way. Nier fans still have plenty of adventures ahead of them.

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