How to Get the Passionate Listener Trophy in Persona 5

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If you can’t figure out to get the Passionate Listener Trophy in Persona 5, you’re not alone. The Trophy, which requires you to hear 250 different Futaba navigation lines, has an extremely low completion percentage.

Thankfully, this Trophy isn’t as difficult to obtain as you might think. While it’s easy to miss, you can obtain it by November if you plan ahead. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to earn your trophy.

Use Every Party Member

persona 5 all out attack

If you want to get this Trophy, you’ll have to use every single party member you obtain. You should regularly cycle  characters in and out of your party. If you haven’t met and befriended Hifumi Togo, you should do that as soon as possible. Once you get to rank one with Hifumi, you’ll be able to change your party member during battles. If you want to change your party members outside of battles, just follow our guide.

When a new member joins your group, you should keep them in your party for as long as you can. If you’ve spent time in Mementos, you’ve probably heard a lot of basic navigation lines. You need to catch your new characters up to everyone else.

Know Your Enemy

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Persona 5‘s battle system is built around enemy weak points. If you successfully exploit enemy weaknesses, you can finish most battles before your opponent gets a single turn. When a character hits a weak point and knocks down the enemy, Futaba will praise them. She’ll also compliment them if they take down more than one enemy in a row. Try to fight a variety of enemies. That way, every single party member will have a chance to knock their opponents down.

You’ll also want to pay attention to enemy resistances. Have each characters hit enemies with attacks you know they will resist. While having your attacks resisted won’t help you win battles, it will earn you a new navigation line.

Allow Yourself to Be Ambushed

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Generally speaking, you’ll want to ambush enemies before they notice you. If you’re working towards the Passionate Listener Trophy, however, you’ll want to give your enemies the upper hand from time to time.

When you let enemies ambush you, Futuba will comment on that. She has a few different ambush lines, and you’ll want to make sure you hear all of them.

Don’t Cure Debuffs Right Away

futaba navigation lines

Every single character has at least at least one navigation line for every potential debuff. Futuba will say something if your characters are frozen, hungry, on fire, confused, asleep, or debuffed in another way. Because of this, you shouldn’t rush to put out these fires. Wait for Futaba to comment on the situation before you heal your characters up. You may want to leave your character in danger for a while; there’s a good chance that Futaba will speak up more than once.

Don’t Rush To Heal Your Characters

persona 5 revive characters

If you’ve been playing Persona 5 for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to healing your party after every fight. While it’s a sound strategy, you should work to break this habit while you’re going for the Passionate Listener Trophy. Futaba is a lot more vocal when your characters are in danger.

You’ll hear new navigation lines when a character needs healing, and you’ll hear even more lines if you let that character faint. If you push your party to their breaking point, you’ll be able to hit 250 lines in no time.

While this Trophy isn’t all that challenging to obtain, you could miss it if you play the game normally. If you use these tips and switch up your play style, you should be able to get the Passionate Listener trophy before you beat the game.

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