The Surge Looks Like Bloodborne in an Industrial Setting

The Surge

I’m sure a lot of people are going to make the Demon/Dark Souls/Bloodborne comparison to the upcoming game The Surge, and perhaps rightfully so (hey, I even did it in the title of this article). After all, the Souls games rebranded the action RPG genre by mastering their own brutal, punishing take on combat. This gave rise to similar contenders, games like the recent Nioh, or Lords Of The Fallen even more so.

Interestingly enough, Deck13 the studio behind The Surge, was also responsible for Lords of the Fallen, so it’s easy to trace a line of influence from Dark Souls and Bloodborne to Lords of the Fallen to The Surge. But what seems to set The Surge apart — it’s hook, I guess you could say — is its setting and the types of enemies you will be facing.

The Surge

In a future where Earth is just about toast, you try to make your way through a world where trouble’s all you got.

Based on the trailers, it looks like nonstop, brutal, mech-centric melee combat is the order of the day. And I will say, the combat by and large looks responsive, fast, and probably highly frustrating if you’re not in the zone. If you like a good swear-word-inducing, controller-breaking challenge, The Surge is a game you probably want to watch out for.

The dark factory interior is all we’ve really seen of the setting, and it seems to be the major design aesthetic for the game. I guess this makes sense in the context of the story, but it’s already bored me to tears after only a few minutes of gameplay footage. I realize that this is a deliberate esign choice, but I suspect that even die-hard fans can only take so many metal staircases, rows of piping, yellow-painted railings, and shelves full of boxes. If I wanted to look at that all day long I’d be applying for jobs as a forklift driver instead of poring over gameplay videos.

The good news is there isn’t much of a wait before we’ll see how well the game stacks up. The Surge (not the best title either, BTW) is due to release May 16 for Ps4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the trailer below for a look at the game’s combat. I must give it some bonus points for starting with a quick and decidedly vicious player death.

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