Persona 5 Bookworm Trophy: A Complete Guide to Reading Every Book

Persona 5 - Fukaba, Haru, and Makoto

In Persona 5, reading books isn’t just a good way to while away your free time; it also opens up new areas and grows your stats, and in some cases it even gives you permanent skill boosters. Plus, if you’re a true-blooded Trophy hunter, reading every single book in the game grants you Persona 5‘s Bookworm Trophy.

Note that this guide is jam-packed with main story and social spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk.

First, here’s a guide to acquiring every book in Persona 5. We’ll talk about tips for reading them all later.

Persona 5 Attic

You’ll start off your book quest with Yoncha Wanderer, which you’ll receive for cleaning the bookshelf in the attic at Cafe Leblanc. This book increases your Knowledge stat, and it adds a couple key locations to your Yonga-Jaya map.

From here, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for every possible opportunity to get more books. The first place you’ll want to go is the school library. Talk to the receptionist, and you can borrow one book at a time. Check back often, as story events will cause more books to become available to you. (Each references a party member’s Persona, so check the library’s selection every time a new Persona awakens.)

Persona 5 Library

The Great Thief is a book about the Persona Arsene. Reading it grows your Knowledge stat.

Pirate Legend is a book about Riyuji’s Persona, Captain Kidd. Reading it grows your Guts stat.

Zorro, the Outlaw is a book about Morgana’s Persona, Zorro. Reading it grows your Kindness stat.

The Alluring Dancer is a book about Ann’s Persona, Carmen. Reading it grows your Charm stat.

The Gallant Rogue is a book about Yusuke’s Persona, Goemon. Reading it grows your Guts stat.

The Illusory Pope is a book about Makoto’s Persona, Johanna. Reading it grows your Kindness stat.

Cry of Cthulhu is “a book of fictitious mythos.” This is a reference to Futaba’s Persona, Necronomicon (which, as you probably already know, is itself an H.P. Lovecraft reference). Reading it grows your Guts stat.

Woman in the Dark tells the story of Haru’s Persona, Milady. Reading it grows your Proficiency stat.

Persona 5 Shibuya Bookstore

You can also start buying books at the bookstore near the southern edge of Central Street in Shibuya. Just like the school library, the store’s selection grows as you complete story events, so keep checking back after every dungeon.

Tidying the Heart improves your Proficiency stat.

Buchiko’s Story improves your Kindness stat.

Playing the Game improves your Charm stat.

Medjed Menace improves your Knowledge stat.

Weekend Parks adds Inokashira Park to your map.

Vague adds Harajuku to your map.

Wise Men’s Words improves your Knowledge stat.

Nightlife Hotspots adds Seaside Park to your map.

Ghost Encounters improves your Guts stat.

Fishpond Spotter adds Ichigaya fishing pond to your map. You can also unlock this location by waiting for Ryuji to invite you to the fishing pond. You’ll still have to activate the book, but it won’t cost you a reading session if you’ve already unlocked it with Ryuji.

Tokyo Shrines adds Meiji Shrine to your map. You can also unlock this location by waiting for Ann to invite you to the shrine. You’ll still have to activate the book, but it won’t cost you a reading session if you’ve already unlocked it with Ann.

Museum of Stars adds Ikebukuro to your map. You can also unlock this location by accepting Mishima’s invitation to hang out at the planetarium. You’ll still have to activate the book, but it won’t cost you a reading session if you’ve already unlocked it with Mishima.

Musty Pages adds Jinbocho to your map. You can also unlock this location by hanging out with Makoto. You’ll still have to activate the book, but it won’t cost you a reading session if you’ve already unlocked it with Makoto.

Persona 5 Booktown

There’s a second-hand shop in Jinbocho (Booktown) that sells books as well, though you must have Jinbocho on your map before you can shop at the bookstore here. You can add it by reading Musty Pages, which is acquired at the bookstore in Shibuya, or by spending time with Mokoto (read the section above for more details).

You can only buy a new book here once you’ve finished the previous one, and each of these books requires three full reading sessions to get through. While this can take time, this is definitely worth doing as early in the game as possible.

Master Swordsman increases your Guts stat.

Call Me Chief increases your Kindness stat.

Reckless Casanova increases your Charm stat.

Speed Reading, as the title suggests, permanently increases your reading speed.

Persona 5 Shinjuku Bookstore

There’s also a shop called Hinokuniya Bookstore, located in Shinjuku (the Red-Light District). The shopkeeper will tell you that you’re not old enough to buy books with adult content, but there are a few others you can pick up here. You definitely should as soon as you can; these books offer permanent perks.

It seems like access to these books is gated behind certain activities, though we’ve not been able to confirm this 100% yet.

Flowerpedia gives you more detailed descriptions of flowers. This is useful for building bouquets when you’re employed at the flower shop. We think this book is available to you once you start working at the flower shop.

Batting Science lets you use the Third Eye perk at the batting cages, allowing you to slow down time and focus on the ball. It’s useful for getting the Grand Slam prize at the batting cage, as well as picking up The City’s Hard Hitter Trophy. We think this book is available to you once you’ve played the batting cage minigame.

Essence of Fishing improves your skill at fishing. It’s useful for getting prizes at the Ichigaya fishing pond, and for acquiring the Guardian of the Pond Trophy. We think this book becomes available once you’ve fished at the Ichigaya fishing pond.

Cinema Treasures increases your appreciation for movies. Once you read it, your stat increase from watching movies improves permanently. We think this book becomes available once you’ve visited the cinema.

Game Secrets allows you to use cheats in video games to lower the difficulty. It’s useful if you’re trying for the Golden Finger Trophy. We think this book becomes available once you’ve purchased the retro gaming console and have played a game.

Persona 5 Mementos

There are a few books that are acquired by completing side missions in Mementos.

At some point after completing the second palace, you should receive a request from Mishima for a quest called Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya. Completing it gets you the book Shitamachi Reborn, which adds Asakusa to your map.

Mishima will later notify you about a quest called We Aren’t Just Your Slaves. This one will require you to take a job at the bar in Shinjuku in order to gather the proper intel. Completing it gets you the book Theme Park Escort, which adds Maihama (Destinyland) to your map.

Eventually, Mishima will notify you about a quest called Part-Time Job, Full-Time Hell. Completing it gets you the book Chinese Sweets, which adds China Town to your map.

This is a lot of books to get through in a playthrough. You’re sometimes given the option to read while on the train to school. Use these opportunities as often as you can. Of course, the train rides won’t be enough to read every one of the game’s books, so you’ll have to make use of the reading tables in the school library, as well as the books on the counter at Cafe Leblanc. Activating either of these will let you read for a bit.

There are also a couple shortcuts. First off, several books open up locations on your map. Many of these are also opened through story sequences, so save these for later. If you’ve already unlocked a location, the corresponding book will count as read, though you have to trigger this manually for each book. Just go to read it like normal and Morgana will remind you that you’ve already completed it. This trick alone can save you from wasting several reading sessions.

Obviously, prioritizing the Speed Reading book is a good way to get ahead as well. It’s a time commitment to get it, but you’ll end up saving a lot of time once you do. For detailed instructions on how to acquire it, just scroll up to the Booktown section of this guide.

Persona 5 Sadayo Kawakami

You’ll also want to grow your relationship with Sadayo Kawakami, AKA Becky, AKA your homeroom teacher. This option begins when Ryuji finds a flier and hormonal hilarity ensues. Growing Becky’s social link gives you several bonuses that come in handy for making time for book reading. First off, she grants you the ability to slack off in her class. Every once in a while, you’ll be sitting in class and suddenly the option to slack off will pop up. This is prime time for reading.

Later, she’ll expand this privilege to other classes as well. Once in a while, she’ll randomly call your teacher to the principal’s office, and when the teacher leaves, it’s time to pull out a book.

Finally, she’ll offer to give you massages. You can call her over whenever you’ve spent time in Mementos, and instead of being forced to go directly to sleep afterward, this will give you time in the evening to spend doing whatever you want. (Believe it or not, this actually works after Palace runs as well.) For bookworms, this is yet another opportunity to read.

And there you go. If you can manage to read all of these books in a playthrough, you’ll pop the Bookworm Trophy in Persona 5. Good luck, fellow bookworms!

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