Persona 5’s “Rivers in the Desert” Might Be the Best Boss Theme of 2017

persona 5 mask

2017 has been a ridiculously good year for games, and it’s also been a spectacular year for video game music. While Nier: Automata is getting attention for its characters and story, the game’s OST contains some breathtakingly beautiful tracks. Breath of the Wild has crafted an incredible open world, but it also has a killer soundtrack. When it comes to boss themes, however, Persona 5 might be the game that takes the crown.

“Rivers in the Desert” isn’t the final boss theme in Persona 5, but it is the game’s best boss theme. It has everything a boss theme needs: variety, blood-pumping beats, and emotionally resonant lyrics. Although the song only plays a few times in the game, I’ve been listening to it on repeat since the first time I heard it.

If you plan on skipping Persona 5, I don’t blame you; it took me more than 90 hours to clear the main story. Still, you owe it to yourself to check out this soundtrack. It might not have the same punch when you hear it sans boss, but it’s definitely a great piece of video game music.

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