Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Glitch

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

It’s the end of the week yet again — Sunday Funday. Which means it is time again to grab some snacks, curl up on your preferred seating apparatus, turn on the Flix and settle in for a journey through time. Yes, my dear reader, it is time for another Netflix Sunday Time Dump.

Last week, we dumped to the swashbuckling rhythm of Harlock: Space Pirate. This week we’re checking out a show called Glitch.

Glitch TV Show Netflix

Now a Netflix original series, Glitch was first released in July of 2015 in Australia on ABC1. There is currently only one season available — only six episodes — but that just helps build the tension for the second season, due later this year. It’s also the perfect length for a one-day time dump.

The basic premise of Glitch is that a handful of small-town people literally rise up from their graves, now alive and well. Some are decades old, others over a century, but one in particular has only been dead for a relatively brief period of time. She also happens to be connected to the local deputy, who is torn between covering up this bizarre turn of events and trying to discover what exactly is going on. Our friend the deputy will also need to deal with some heady concepts and buried emotions.

Glitch TV Show Netflix

What I like about this show is that it goes about it business like, well, business as usual. It drops hints and revelations that may or may not shine light on what the heck is going on. It introduces rules and suggests links and motives, but by and large it lets its story unfold at its leisure.

It reminds me of what initially drew people to Lost, but perhaps a bit more careful to not get mired too deeply in its own ever-spiraling mystery.

Glitch TV Show Netflix

Much like Lost, to give away too much about Glitch would reduce the overall experience (and I’ve had enough death threats lobbed at me this week). So do yourself a favor, take my word (which has yet to let you down in this time-dumping relationship of ours), and just dive right in.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the trailer for Glitch below.

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