The Order: 1886 Is the Cheapest It’s Ever Been on PlayStation Network

The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 had a fairly lukewarm reception when it launched early in the PS4’s lifespan. IGN called it “a deeply conflicted thing” and GameSpot accused it of transforming “the mystical into the mundane.” It currently sits at a 63% on Metacritic. As a full-priced title, it couldn’t seem to find a dedicated audience.

But what about at 50% off? No? How about 60%? What if the game’s price were dropped to $4? Would a price that low justify a purchase?

Well, it looks like we’re about to find out, because that’s exactly what happened. The Order: 1886 is currently $3.99 in PlayStation’s digital storefront.

The Order 1886

The premise seems kind of interesting: a Victorian-era spin on the Arthurian legend — with a werewolf twist. It’s odd enough to work, and, while it’s reportedly a deeply flawed game (I’ve yet to play it myself), a $4 price tag could make those flaws palatable. Perhaps this is the moment The Order: 1886 finds its audience.

Personally, I plunked down the four bucks just to find out for myself. I dig the Victorian/steampunk vibe, and I don’t mind if the game’s story is as short as they say — at that price, anyway.

So, if you have any interest at all in The Order: 1886, it looks like now is the time to pick it up, though I suppose there’s always the chance we’ll see this as a Plus game soon. But even so, $4 is a pretty small gamble.

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