Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Sense8

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Welcome back, my dumpers (sorry, it’s not a flattering nickname, but I work with what I got).

It’s Sunday yet again, which means you’ve come a-lookin’ for some fodder to dump your time into. Maybe you’re doing laundry or taking a break from homework or cleaning your house. Hell, maybe you work at Netflix and are just here to see what flicks have graced my palette so you can model your programming to my very exquisite tastes. Whatever brought you here is your own business. The point is, you’re here and boy have I got a time dump for you.

Last week we dumped our Sunday on Glitch. This week’s Netflix Sunday Time Dump is Seasons 1 and 2 of Sense8.

Sense 8 Netflix

That’s right, the no-doubt-by-now-polarizing Netflix original show brought to us by the Wachowskis of The Matrix — and everything they did after The Matrix — fame. Originally released back in 2015, Season 1 was a breath of fresh air — one of the first truly worthwhile originals from Netflix at that time. It had it all: action, romance, emotional depth, nudity, orgies — my lord, the orgies.

Was it perfect? No. Not by a long shot. In fact, some of the schmaltz (Nomi I’m looking at you) was incredibly doe-eyed at best, ridiculously eye-rolling at its worst. But the overall product was well-made, and it offered a new sci-fi-tinged tale I was absolutely in love with, yet often confused by.

The basic premise of Sense8 is that some people happen to be tied psychologically to other people within their “cluster,” and once “born,” this connection unlocks and solidifies. Basically, Daryl Hannah “births” this connection (the eight main characters are adults at this point, so it’s more of a metaphysical birth), and from that point on each person in their “cluster” can see through the eyes of the other. This is often visually depicted with that person next to the one they are linked with, invisible to everyone else. (It gets even trippier when the scenes jump between locations.)

Sense 8 Netflix

So, for instance, if Will is communicating with Nomi, we would see Will next to Nomi in her room, but at the same time Nomi would be projected into whatever situation Will is in. And it doesn’t end there, they can also sort of take control of each other in the event that a fight breaks out and the incredible Doona Bae needs to jump into Will’s body and go all Korean martial arts on someone’s ass.

They can also experience sensation through one another, and even communicate with the guy from Lost who isn’t in their cluster but, I don’t know, mysticism I guess?

Now, as I stated above, this show is far from perfect. But it has enough incredible, standout moments that it’s easy to get lost and let the binge train leave the station. It does demand an open mind and a more liberal or left-wing temperament, there is no question there. If you are not cool with transgender issues, homosexuality, or orgies involving people from several ethnic backgrounds, you might want to stay away from this one. (But really, if that describes you, you can kindly fuck off.)

Sense 8 Netflix

The actors are often times incredible, and some are even  revelatory (Doona Bae, I’m looking squarely at you). And the actor that plays Wolfy, Max Riemelt… Fuck. Serious man crush.

Plus, it seems like they filmed this show across every continent. It must have cost a fortune to shoot this damn show, especially considering the Wachowskis are involved.

With twelve episodes in Season 1 and eleven in Season 2, Sense8 is a bit of an investment, especially since each episode is a solid 40-something minutes. But it’s a worthwhile experience. So strap yourself into the Van Damme express (you’ll see) and enjoy the ride. Expect a few laughs and maybe even a tear or two.

Or eight…

Check out the trailer below.

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