So What Exactly Is Portal Knights?

Portal Knights

I’ve been obsessed with Portal Knights since I first heard it was coming to consoles. So of course I’ve been scouring the Internet for every tidbit of info I could find about it.

The best introduction I’ve found was a five-plus-minute-long video called “What is Portal Knights?”

This video breaks down most of the game systems you’ll want to know about, and it offers quite a bit of detail for those with insatiable appetites for Portal Knights info.

Of course, if you’re looking more for a faster-paced explanation that mostly just hits the bullet points, check out the game’s PC launch trailer from back in 2016.

While the game’s story doesn’t seem like a big focus — Portal Knights is the sort of game that lets its players create their own stories rather than get too caught up in one dictated by the game — you can learn more about that in the game’s console launch trailer.

And aside from that, there’s a free demo available to try out. From my own time in the demo, I’ve come to the conclusion that Portal Knights feels like it’s maybe best compared to Terraria set in a 3D environment. The gameplay loop seems similar to Terraria‘s, though the portal-hopping mechanic does bring to mind Dragon Quest Builders.

There’s four-player online co-op (and two-player split-screen), so this seems like something that would be incredible to play with friends.

Portal Knights is already out in the UK, and the PC version has been out for a while now, but it lands on North American PS4 and Xbox One consoles on May 23, 2017.

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