Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Flaked

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Welcome to another week’s end, my fellow dumpers. The heat wave has officially begun and spring has finally broken. In honor of the weather’s sudden shift into hellacious digits, I thought I would skew away from the norm and take a lazier, hazier route.

Last week, we scoped out Season 1 of The OA. This week we’re dumping our time into the Netflix-original Flaked.

Flaked Netflix

Don’t feel alarmed if you haven’t heard of this one. Although a sharp deviation from my usual fair, it is, in fact, quite appropriate for such a sweltering Sunday.

Starring the ever-affable Will Arnett alongside a solid supporting cast, Flaked is a bit of a lazy person’s jaunt through California life. Although it seems more comfortable to just meander instead of drive, it is within that meandering that the real magic lies.

The story is straightforward: an aging beach bum runs an almost defunct stool store/art galley as he tries to remain relevant and stay sober.

Flaked Netflix

And that’s it. I know it sounds barren, and it is. But on a day like today, with its sweltering heat and suffocating humidity, doing anything shy of bathing in popsicles sounds miserable. Thus a laid-back show like Flaked is just what the doctor ordered.

And with the very recent release of the seconds season, you have even more dumpage to ease the suffering of your melting mind and body.

So crack open a cool one and check out the trailer:

This week, we’re giving an honorable mention to The Girl With All the Gifts. It didn’t make the cut because it’s on Amazon Video instead of Netflix, but it’s a stellar movie nonetheless. Think The Last Of Us as told through the lens of a clicker. Sort of.

Check out the trailer below:

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