Confirmed: Star Cards Return in Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront 2 Preorder Bonuses

EA has announced the full list of pre-order bonuses for Star Wars Battlefront II, and in doing so, has revealed something we’ve been curious about for a while now.

On top of early access to Battlefront II‘s beta and The Last Jedi skins for  Rey, Kylo Ren, and the Millennium Falcon, those who pre-order the game will also get access to six Star Cards. With Battlefront II introducing a class system, we weren’t sure Star Cards would be making a comeback at all, but this news has confirmed that indeed they will be. Note that all the Star Cards included in this offer are for use with Heroes and starfighters.

Star Wars Battlefront

In EA/DICE’s first Star Wars Battlefront, players would earn Star Cards by purchasing them with credits earned in the game or via the Hutt Contract system. Star Cards would give you access to weapons, shields, scanners and more, and you could equip up to three at a time to build your own custom loadout. The introduction of new Star Cards as game updates rolled out created an evolving metagame.

We’re not sure how this system will work inside of a class system — perhaps certain Star Cards will only be usable by certain class types, or maybe Star Cards will be exclusive to Hero characters — but it looks like both systems will exist simultaneously in Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards

Further complicating things, it seems like Hero characters are no longer tied to power-ups, and every Hero or Villain will have some sort of level-up or progressive unlock system.

Despite its mixed reception, 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront was a massive hit, and we enjoyed it quite a bit. Here’s hoping that the sequel can build upon what the first did in a satisfying way.

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