Far Cry 5’s Bobblehead Game Is on Point

Far Cry 5 Grace

At E3 2017, Ubisoft showed off a three-minute gameplay video for Far Cry 5. It was great to get a deeper peek into this incredibly interesting game, but it perhaps even greater to see some self-referential bobbleheads.

In the video, the protagonist makes his way through a bus in which a lot of violence must have happened. Gleefully taking it all in is a bobblehead version of Vaas from Far Cry 3. He’s even wearing a hula skirt.

Far Cry 5 Vaas Bobblehead

A physical version of this bobblehead actually exists; Ubisoft was handing it out in the “Wish You Weren’t There” giveaway back in 2012.

If you’re wondering if there’s also a Rabbid bobblehead in the background, well, yes there is. It’s on the dash of the bus.

Far Cry 5 Rabbid Bobblehead

Later in the footage, Vaas makes a return on the dashboard of a semi.

Far Cry 5 Vaas Bobblehead

While Far Cry 5‘s setting suggests a bold new direction for the series — your character is fighting a militia/cult in backwater Montana — it’s clear Ubisoft is still very much sticking to the series’ dark, twisted sense of humor.

You can check out the full gameplay video below.

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