Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: The Nicolas Cage Father’s Day Extravaganza

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Another week is coming to an end, but we still have Sunday. And you know what we do on Sunday? That’s right, we dump some time into Netflix binging.

But this isn’t just any old Sunday. This is a Sunday for dads, son. In honor of Father’s Day, I asked myself this: what is the best thing to do on a special occasion like today? There’s only one answer, of course: spend countless hours watching the father of all fathers, Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage with Wine and Telescope

If there’s one overall conclusion I’ve been able to draw in my time dumping, it’s that Netflix loves Nicolas Cage. There seems to be a never-ending rotation of Nicolas Cage films — old and new, great and lousy — across the Netflix streaming catalog.

So I’ve done a huge solid for our readers. I’ve culled two Nicolas Cage movies from Netflix, arranged in no particular order that we can all watch to celebrate fatherhood. Now, I’ve avoided some of the obvious stinkers and have instead chosen two intended-to-be-blockbuster duds.

Nicolas Cage with a Napkin

Also, the well-trodden classics tend to staff off Netflix, but even if they were there, Con Air has no place on a list such as the one I’m making. (Not because Con Air isn’t awesome; it’s actually because it is awesome that it’s disqualified from my list.)

I’ve chosen these two movies because of their inane premises, their sci-fi-lite themes, and their willing to let Nicolas Cage be Nicolas Cage. Although they are far from perfect — hell, far from imperfect even — they are entertaining romps with plenty of eye-rolling fun, questionable CGI, and Hollywood-science mumbo-jumbo shenanigans.

So grab yourself a glass of wine and a giant telescope and let Nicolas Cage take the wheel. We’re going for a ride, son.

Nicolas Cage, Take the Wheel

If you haven’t guessed by now — and really, I’ve given you few clues besides the screenshots — my choices are 2009’s Knowing and 2007’s Next.

You can check out the trailers below, but going in cold is probably a better choice.



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