How to Beat the Malboro in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Malboro

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, then you’re almost certainly familiar with a beast called a malboro. It’s a gigantic grinning, tentacled man-eating plant-thing that vomits poison.

In Final Fantasy XV‘s Chapter 10, “The Hand of the King,” you will encounter this familiar beasty. It’s a fairly easy fight, but unfortunately there’s one point where the instructions are unclear and you can end up in an unending loop where the thing heals itself whenever you drain its health nearly to 0.

So here’s what you do.

First off, this guy is weak to fire damage. If you’ve stocked up, you can blast the thing with fire for massive damage, and you’ll see its health drain pretty rapidly. Once you get it down to almost 0 HP, the characters will get frustrated and you’ll see this message pop up:

Final Fantasy XV Malboro

When you see this, you must do exactly as it says: flee the malboro and regroup.

But what does this mean? It’s not as clear as it should be. The obvious thing to is to disengage it by walking out of the circle area marked in red on your minimap. This is close, but unless you do it exactly right, you probably won’t trigger the next phase of the fight.

What you want to do is look for a giant red arrow toward the edge of the malboro’s area. You won’t see it on your minimap, but it looks like this:

Final Fantasy XV Malboro

Just run toward that. Once you arrive, you should trigger the cutscene that ends the fight and wipes this ugly guy out of your life forever.

Some say that Ignis must be alive at this point in the battle, but I’m not sure this is true. It’s probably a good idea to keep him alive anyway, though, just in case.

And that’s it. That’s how you bring down the malboro in Final Fantasy XV. Happy hunting!

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1 year ago

you do not have to have ignis alive

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