Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Last Knights

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Yet another week’s end is upon us, and with it comes another chance to dump some time into Netflix binging. I must say, Netflix is quite an exciting streaming service these days, developing and releasing all sorts of diverse and nuanced content alongside some middle-of-the-road stuff to keep it all balanced.

Last week, we checked out a couple Nicolas Cage flicks. This week, we’re dumping our time into Last Knights.

Last Knights

That’s right, the Time Dump of the week is 2015’s Last Knights, starring Clive Owen, Cliff Curtis, Aksel Hennie, the very-much-still-alive-and-acting Morgan Freeman. It is performances by these actors primarily — with a few nice touches from some of the supporting cast — that this movies stands firmly atop.

Directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, Last Knights is primarily, like so much fantasy and sci fi these days, a Canadian production. It had a partial theatrical release in spring of 2015 before receiving a DVD release later that same year. 

Although slightly marred by performance issues and an over-reliance on slow-mo, it’s still an intriguing, unique, somewhat-action-packed fantasy revenge tale.

Last Knights

Within its set dressings, costumes, wide array of actors from various ethnic groups, and muddied place in an unspecified world and time, Last Knights manages to be a suitable Time Dump contender.

It starts with a bit of a crackle, then develops into an incredibly slow burn. You may find yourself questioning if it’s worth the effort about halfway through — and maybe even beyond that mark — but trust me when I tell you to stick with it. There are some truly great and noble moments in this film.

You can check the trailer below, but if you’re like me you’ll just go in cold.

If this week’s Time Dump isn’t enough for you — and come on, you’ve got a whole Sunday to kill — here are a couple companion pieces for the Time Dump proper. They should convey perhaps a similar flavor to keep that taste at the forefront of your visual taste buds.

First off is 13 Assassins from 2011, also available on Netflix.

13 Assassins is a classic revenge tale set in feudal Japan and directed by the master Takashi Miike. It’s a true art class in motion picture, told through the lens of honor and brutal violence.

And next up — save your groans, please — is 2003’s The Last Samurai.

The Last Samurai has Tom Cruise in feudal Japan, Tom Cruising it up like only Tom cruise can. This movie gets a lot of flack for being the perfect example of the “white savior” trope, but it’s also a well-made — though at times meandering — period movie. Plus, Ken Watanabe is always a welcoming revelation.

So enjoy your Time Dumps, my friends. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday for more!

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