An Emperor Deposed Trophy: How to Beat the Kaiser Behemoth in Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

If you’re looking to defeat the kaiser behemoth to get the An Emperor Deposed Trophy in Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto, you’ll want to do a quest called Emperor of the Angoris.

This can be done once you’ve camped out in the cave for the first time and have begun the quest Moving Forward. From here on, side quests will show up on your minimap as gold boxes with exclamation marks in them.

The Emperor of the Angoris side quest seems to show up around 15:00. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see a quest marked at this location:

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

Waiting at that location will be the kaiser behemoth.

This fight actually isn’t that difficult, even though the kaiser behemoth is a level 99 beastie. Just keep your distance and let Aranea tank the thing while you shoot at it from afar. There’s a shack filled with weapons nearby; run over there and swap out your weapons as soon as they are out of ammo. When your meter is full enough, have Aranea pull off the Highwind attack, which makes the behemoth vulnerable, then spam your crackshot skill as many times as you can before the beast gets back up.

The fight takes a bit of time, but keep your distance and you should be okay.

And that’s it. Take down the kaiser behemoth and you’ll finish the Emperor of the Angoris quest and pop the Trophy.

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