Breath of the Wild: Everything in the Master Trials DLC

Breath of the Wild - Master Sword

The very first batch of paid DLC is here for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Named “The Master Trials,” this update features a bevy of new features that are scattered across Hyrule.

If you’ve downloaded and installed the content, you’ll be shown a list of things included in the Master Trials DLC. Here’s the full list:

Trial of the Sword

Breath of the Wild - Trial of the Sword

The bulk of this DLC pack comes in the form of the Trial of the Sword. This is a 45-level challenge that starts you off with nothing and has you face off against waves of enemies to slowly acquire gear and collect goodies. You can kick it off by visiting the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest.

Master Mode

Breath of the Wild - Master Mode

This is Breath of the Wild’s “Hard Mode.” It ups the rank of all its baddies and even adds additional enemies in places you might not expect — like on floating platforms in the sky. You’ll select this as an option from the game’s title screen.

Hero’s Path Mode

Breath of the Wild - Hero's Path Mode

This feature is great. Hero’s Path Mode draws a line on the map that traces your footsteps across your past 200 hours of gameplay. It comes in handy when you want to figure out which parts of the world you’ve not set foot in yet. It’s a blessing, because a lot of Breath of the Wild‘s coolest stuff is hiding just around the corner from something you’ve probably walked by a dozen times. Hero’s Path Mode allows you to figure out where those corners are so you can peek around them and surprise yourself with new things.

Travel Medallion

Breath of the Wild - Travel Medallion

This is another great map feature. The Travel Medallion allows you to place a fast travel spot on a map in one place of your choosing. There’s a book of rumors about this artifact at South Akkala Stable, so head there for more info.

Korok Mask

Breath of the Wild - Korok Mask

This is an item that has a lot of people shrieking with joy. The Korok Mask helps you locate Koroks that are hiding nearby. If you’ve not collected all of the game’s 900 Korok seeds (and really, who has?), this mask will help you out. You can find a book about the mask at the Woodland Stable, so go there to read up on the Korok Mask’s power.

Misko’s Treasure

Breath of the Wild - Misko's Treasure

More pieces of armor have been added to Breath of the Wild, which pay homage to past games in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Misko’s Treasure puts completionists back on the hunt for more treasure, though you’ll have to locate those on your own. To see these armor sets, check out our previous Breath of the Wild DLC article.

Purchase Bonus

Breath of the Wild Purchase Bonus

If you pre-ordered Breath of the Wild‘s season pass, then it’s likely you claimed this bonus ages ago. But if you waited until the very last minute, then you’ve got some treasure waiting for you on the Great Plateau.

And that’s what’s in the Master Trials DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Apparently, this is just a tiny taste, and the real bulk of the season pass content will be available later this year in the Champions’ Ballad DLC.

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