God Wars Future Past: How to Beat Katsuragi

god wars katsuragi

Like most strategy RPGs, God Wars Future Past is fairly simple at the start. The first challenge of the game lies at Ibuki Mountain, where players must face off against Katsuragi, a red oni, and his army of archers.

The archers on this map have the high ground, which means they can attack from long distances. This map also teaches players about status effects. Players can expect to be slowed down and poisoned as they make their way to the top.

If this map is kicking your butt, try changing your strategy. These tips won’t just teach you how to beat Katsuragi; they’ll help you throughout the entire game.

Take on Requests

God Wars Future Past Shrine

If you can’t beat Katsuragi and his archers, your characters may need a boost. Head to the shrine in Kagamihara and start taking on some requests. You’ll be able to get experience and job points for your characters, and you’ll also have the chance to earn money for better gear.

Worship at the Shrine

god wars future past shrine

While you’re at the Kagamihara Shrine, you should offer food and wine to the gods. The gods will repay you by bestowing a Worship Effect on your party. All of your characters will receive a stat boost for the next fight. The more you spend, the bigger your benefits will be.

Select the Right Skills

god wars skill tree

Spend the Job Points you have wisely. Make sure that every one of your characters has passive and active skills that will help them get through the fight. Status Recovery, a passive skill available to characters using the Priest Job, is a smart skill to equip. With this skill, your characters will have a chance recover from status effects on every turn. Make sure every character has three passive skills equipped before you start the fight.

Manage Your Impurity Levels

God Wars Future Past Taunt

Impurity is one of the more interesting mechanics in God Wars. The higher a character’s impurity is, the more likely it is that enemies will attack them. If you manage your impurity effectively, you’ll be able to control the battle.

At this stage of the game, Kuma should have more HP and defense than any of your other party members. Raise his impurity so that he can soak up the majority of enemy attacks. Have Kuma use “Taunt” every few turns; this will bring his impurity levels up. When he’s not taunting, have Kuma defend. This will mitigate the amount of damage he takes from enemy hits.

Watch Your Backs

God Wars Future Past Ibuki Mountain

The archers on this map have strong attacks and plenty of range. Leaving your character’s backs exposed can be dangerous — and deadly. Try to position your characters in a way that leaves their backs protected. You may want to have two characters stand back to back. Proper positioning can help you to survive the onslaughts of arrows.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

God Wars Future Past Recovery Prayer

In strategy RPGs, caution is key. Playing too aggressively could cost you the game. If you bide your time and protect your party, you’ll eventually be able to clear this map.

Keep your characters clustered close together; don’t send a lone character out on their own. If a character is seriously injured, have them fall back until you can get them healed up. Cure status effects like Poison as soon as possible. The status effects in this game can stack, which means ignoring them can be deadly.

God Wars rewards players that are careful. The effective management of risk is essential. Be aware of your surroundings and think before you take a turn. Play smart, and you’ll be able to lead your party to victory.

God Wars Future Past Victory

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