Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Castlevania

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Welcome to the end of another week — or the beginning of a new one. Nevertheless, we can at least agree that yet another glorious Sunday is upon us, which means we’ve been given yet another opportunity for some quality time dumpage.

I’ve been curiously awaiting this week’s dumpage since the initial trailer was released a few months ago. As a fan of the Castlevania video game series this is based on, I couldn’t help but wonder how well this TV series would hold up to the source material. So without further ado, let’s get into it and see how it stacks up.

Last week we checked out the poignant and bizarre Okja. This week’s Sunday Netflix Time Dump is the Netflix original series Castlevania.

The Netflix Original Series Castlevania

I will admit that the opening few minutes of Castlevania’s first episode had me turning to Facebook to air my grievances. However, once the prologue wraps up and the story is set into motion, I found myself locked in and ready for action.

I’m happy to say that the version of Dracula we’re shown in Castlevania is appropriately sinister and over top, with almost devil-like levels of power. I’m fact he in conveniently referred to as Lucifer by the misguided, self-serving religion sect that runs the town this tale is set in.

The Netflix Original Series Castlevania

Belmont is also a solid entry into the familial lineage popularized by the game series. And since Konami, longtime publisher of the Castlevania video games, is on board — at least as a licensor — that bodes well.

My one gripe is that it’s only four bloody episodes long. I’m all for economic binging, don’t get me wrong, but what am I supposed to do with this? And considering how slow the first episode feels, Castlevania doesn’t have the time to go very far once things do get moving.

The Netflix Original Series Castlevania

If, like most of the other Netflix original series, this means we now have to wait another year for Season 2, this is an even harder pill to swallow.

But, such is the life of a dumper.

The Netflix Original Series Castlevania

That said, I am supremely happy thus far, with what Netflix has done with Castlevania thus far, and I look forward to whatever is coming next.

You can check the (considerably lame) trailer below.

Before we close down this week’s time dump, I want to highlight two more Netflix originals that are coming down the pipe.

Netflix’s animated movie Godzilla: Monster Planet just got it’s first teaser trailer, which you can check out below. That is slated for release the end of this year.

The second movie I want to bring your attention to is a manga-turned-anime-turned-live-action-film. I am, of course, talking about Death Note. I was incredibly skeptical about this one at first, but I’m pleased and relieved to say that the initial trailer actually has me pretty fricking pumped. Slated for release August 25th, you can watch the trailer for Death Note below.

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