Fortnite Believer Llama: Epic Games Dishes Out Epic Loot

Fortnite Llama

If you’ve been following the game Fortnite at all, then you’re probably aware of the llama drama. You know, the Llamapacalypse, Llamagate, or whatever else you want to call it. Essentially, players are complaining about the lack of late-game loot in Fortnite. Fortnite‘s most exciting loot packages, you see, come in the form of llama-shaped piñatas that are bursting at the seams with goodies.

Many players are claiming they hit the wall at around the 50-hour mark. They want to keep progressing, but their current gear feels underleveled compared to the difficulty level, while fresh loot acquisition slows to a trickle.

It seems like a major design flaw.

Epic Games has heard these complaints and released a statement on their forum to explain their side of the story. As an early access title, they’re still tweaking things, and the data they collect during this early access period is going to be used to fine-tune the experience. Of course, as a free-to-play title that’s really not free-to-play at all, at least not yet, this seems, to some, like a weak excuse.


Well, in a random act of generosity, Epic just threw an enormous pile of loot at its current players. Those logging in right now are finding 15 Believer Llamas in their Loot tab. I checked it out myself, and there were indeed 15 Believer Llamas in my stash. I’m playing on the PS4 right now, but payers on other platforms are reporting their Believer Llama findings as well.

This won’t mitigate any of the problems over the long term, but it’s at least going to get some of the late-game players through the weekend.

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