Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Jaws

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

After a bit of a hiatus — which I spent recharging my time-dumping batteries (and also catching up on a little Grand Theft Auto Online) — I’m back in full form, reinvigorated and ready to dump some time into the vaults of Netflix.

The last time we met — all those many weeks ago — we tackled the then-brand-new Marvel’s The Defenders. This week,we’re going to revisit a true gem from a simpler time. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the shark-infested waters of the 1975 blockbuster, Jaws.

Jaws on Netflix

Yes, my friends, Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws is on Netflix. This is the classic, sort-of-horror, open-water action adventure film that can be heralded for creating its own subgenre (and can also be blamed for inspiring the Sharknado trashfest of recent years).

Jaws is one of the cornerstones of American cinema, and it holds up all these decades later because it’s an expertly-crafted near-masterpiece. It’s buoyed by great performances, a meticulously maintained subtlety, and a late-game reveal. And, of course, the sense of dread that most people have for sharks.

Sharks are fucking scary, after all.

Jaws on Netflix

So without over-explaining this timeless film — I’m sure you’ve seen it at least once in your life — I will say that almost every aspect of Jaws is a genuine treasure, and that it stands in stark contrast to the contemporary film landscape.

The best part of all of this — and also kind of the worst part, I guess — is that Netflix also has the more-questionable-yet-still-enjoyable Jaws 2 and the much maligned Jaws 3.

So after the masterpiece, stick around to see how a brilliant film can be undermined and turned into a shit show franchise.

You can watch the trailer for Jaws below.


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